Open Call for Guest Contributors

As many of you know, Geekritique is a one-man blog, and as such it becomes very difficult to continually pump out reviews, news, and other such content within the realm of geekdom. I’ve been increasingly busy of late (spending much of my time working on a novel), so I don’t have as much time to work on the blog as I’d like. And thus I seek help. I’m looking for a handful of eloquent, engaging writers and/or bloggers who wish to lend their talents in producing guest posts and contributions. This is a good opportunity for anyone who wants to draw traffic to their site, get their name out there, or for those who simply want a platform in which they can share their opinions.

What I’m looking for? Primarily editorials and discussions on geek culture and those items pertaining to it (e.g. movies, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, television, novels, comics, etc.). So that’s actually a pretty large spectrum of topics you can choose from, and it doesn’t all need to be highly topical. I also don’t mind if you share trailers, or breaking geek culture news (so long as I haven’t mentioned it already), but please put things in your own words. I’m not looking for anything in the horror, gore, or paranormal genres.

I am not currently looking for reviews, but if you want to discuss a novel, film, or show, feel free. My policy on reviews may change over time, and depends to an extent on the quality of your posts.


  • All posts must be attached with a 16:9 header image (good quality, please). If you don’t know how to do this, I can help. 
  • There is no minimum word count or maximum word limit, but please note anything over 1000 words will likely go unread by many.
  • Keep content clean. No swearing whatsoever.
  • No bashing, blogshaming, or excessively negative posts.
  • Posts should not contain any political or social agenda, and should refrain from taking a biased stance.
  • Don’t copy posts from your site and paste them on Geekritique.
  • No plagiarism.
  • Links to your blog and your social media are encouraged.
  • All posts are monitored, and I have final say on editing or deleting.

For anyone interested, do not reach out to me in the comments section, reach out to me via email: | Please share a sample post (either from your blog, or something you wish to contribute to Geekritique), and we’ll work from there. Proper grammar and spelling will go a long way.

I’m looking for people who would like to handle such topics as video games, anime, film news, book discussions, tv shows, etc. Please let me know what areas you’d be interested in working in. Again, not looking for reviews just yet – I want to know you’re a dedicated contributor prior to all that.

Thanks for keeping the site fresh. You can get back to geeking out now.

[Update – I want to thank all who’ve already jumped into the discussion and onto the Geekritique team. You all rock.]

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