Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon (SHORT STORY REVIEW)

There are a lot of people in the Galaxy far, far away. But if you’re a living humanoid creature and you’re not a Jedi, Sith, Imperial, or Rebel (or whatever the prequel/sequel equivalent is), there’s a strong chance you’re a bounty hunter/mercenary. Enter Bazine Netal, ‘The Perfect Weapon.’ A character who’s incredibly attractive looks help her immensely in the mercenary field, as much as it is a nuisance any other time. But don’t be fooled: she doesn’t get close to anyone, and if she does it’s probably to put them down.

You’ve probably seen her, if you’ve seen The Force Awakens, played by actress Anna Brewster. She’s featured prominently (considering the brevity of the scene) as the one who informs the First Order that BB8 is at Maz Kanata’s castle. The Perfect Weapon, as written by Delilah S. Dawson, seeks to give the character life outside the film. Though it succeeds at acquainting us, I’m not itching for any more of her.

Bazine receives a mysterious contract from a droid set to self-destruct in 10 seconds, every bit a Mission: Impossible reference, because other than the cool factor, there’s no reason for that to have happened. And the contract isn’t a particularly bad one, but it feels particularly standard for something set within the Star Wars universe. She needs to retrieve a suitcase from a retired stormtrooper. Of course, there’s much more at stake here than that which meets the eye, including a twist at the end – one you truly weren’t expecting.

For the character of Bazine Netal, The Perfect Weapon is an extremely important chapter in her life. In it’s few pages there is a noticeable, evolving arc for her – not always a wholly believable one, but certainly an engaging one. And though I don’t find myself disliking the character, I also never found I cared for her. Naturally you root for the protagonist, and I did, but only from habit. Though I know more about her now, I’m no closer to her.

But ultimately, any trip to the Galaxy far, far away isn’t entirely wasted. Every entry into the Star Wars canon feels like the coloring in of a section of a coloring book; like the definitive placement of a piece in a jigsaw puzzle – an endless one. This didn’t do much to further the story of Star Wars, by any means, but it was a great opportunity to spend some time in that setting again. If you’re into stories where merciless mercs go to whatever lengths necessary to ensure the completion of their missions, The Perfect Weapon is for you.

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