Cover Reveal for Brian Staveley’s New Book, Skullsworn

Upon finishing Brian Staveley’s Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, as with finishing any trilogy or series for me, I felt a bit down. Was this to be the last time I ventured into Annur? I rarely reread books, as my to be read pile is monstrous, so this seemed likely. Staveley then mentioned to me over on Twitter that he was indeed working on his next book, set in the same world. And though he didn’t give any details about who the primary character would be, I guessed it’d be about the assassin Pyrre, as she’s marvelously intriguing, and we knew only the bare minimum from her time in the trilogy.

And yesterday revealed the cover. Sure enough, it’ll be about everyone’s favorite assassin.

It’s a beautiful cover, and it’ll fit right alongside the other books in Staveley’s series. To read more about the making of the cover, check out the article written by Stavely himself here. In it he says of the book:

My newest book, Skullsworn, is about an assassin, Pyrre, who goes back to the city of her birth to pass the final test of her religious order: killing ten people in a month. She’s not all that worried about the killing—after all, she’s been training for fifteen years among some of the most deadly men and women in the world. The trouble is, the test stipulates that among the ten offerings, one must be a person that she loves. And Pyrre has never been in love. So it’s a romance novel—some kissing, some heartache, some sex—but with monsters, murder, and buckets and buckets of blood.

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