Reviews by Author: A Guide

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but have only now gotten around to doing it. I’ve created a new page which I’ll keep updated with any future book, novella, or short story reviews I do, titled Reviews by Author, which also catalogues all of my past reviews. This can easily be found on the drop down menu on the upper left hand corner of any page on Geekritique, right below Book Reviews. This is meant to be a tool for anyone perusing the site, and is an easy-to-use guide on what I have and haven’t reviewed thus far. Hopefully it may even help you figure out your next read.

I hope you get to check it out. Let me know what you think, or give me a heads up on what you want me to review next! All reviews are catalogued last name, first name, and then by series and title. For the sake of my own sanity, I won’t be including comic book reviews on the guide.

Visit the new page, Reviews by Author!

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4 thoughts on “Reviews by Author: A Guide

  1. This is neat, but way too much work to keep maintained. One thing you could try, rather than having to update the page manually is to just have the author’s name linked to the meta tag. Like this:

    Then you would only need to update the page with new authors rather than maintain individual links to each review you do. You just have to remember to keep your tag consistent and such.

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      1. You could also use the authors’ photos in a grid layout with links to the meta tags. The problem you’re going to have is as you get more reviews, the longer your list is going to be and people really don’t bother scrolling down that far. So the shorter you can make it, the better.


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