The Teaser for the New Star Trek Show Will Make You Smile

Well, smiles are never guaranteed in this business. But the teaser trailer for the upcoming CBS Star Trek series hits all the right notes, and seeks to boldly go where no Trek has gone before. And that’s all we could want from a new Star Trek series.

New crews. New villains. New heroes. New worlds. But we’re given a familiar logo and a rendition of the original “Where No Man Has Gone Before,” theme. That tells me that as much as the show will push boundaries within the franchise, and expand on the lore therein, it won’t shy away from its roots.

And that logo looks fantastic.

I’m not sure about this whole CBS All Access thing, but I can’t wait to watch this. What about you guys? Share your thoughts! Did you smile too, or was that just me?

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15 thoughts on “The Teaser for the New Star Trek Show Will Make You Smile

  1. I’m super excited for this. I’ve been watching the Star Trek Continues fan series of TOS to get my fix of new Star Trek stories, so the fact that CBS is actually creating a brand new series is fantastic!

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  2. Yeah, okay…that did sort of make me smile. Just a little. LOL. I’m so old school though having grown up with Shatner and the crew, it’s been hard for me to like the ‘next generations’ but I will give it a watch, see how it stacks up ;-).

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  3. This has a lot of potential, looking forward to this. I’ve not seen much Star Trek bar the original series, STTNG, & some DS9, hopefully this will be as good. Also, with this All Access thing, will we be able to see it here in the UK?

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      1. I expect it will be available in UK, just haven’t heard any news about which channel it might be on. Sure ill catch up with it eventually. The old shows are repeated a lot on tv here, so still have those to enjoy 🙂

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  4. I like the promise of the series… but I don’t like the CBS All-Access aspect of it. It makes me not even want to watch the premiere on CBS, knowing that will possibly be the only episode of the series I’ll be able to see. IF access to streaming the show gets bundled in through Dish Network as my provider, I *might* consider it… but honestly, I don’t like streaming content online unless I have to. My Internet is not reliable enough to watch TV shows without glitches, so I usually only resort to streaming as a last result when something like severe weather prevents me from catching on broadcast TV.

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  5. Oh, and on the all-access thing: I don’t know if other cable companies do this, but the Comcast streaming service, Xfinity, includes access to the streaming sites of any channels in your cable package, including CBS All Access, the CW streaming site (which I think might be free anyway, I’m not sure?), and the HBO streaming site, as long as you go through the Xfinity site to get there. That’s how I’ve been watching Supergirl, Flash, and Game of Thrones.

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  6. I am so much more excited for this than Star Trek Beyond tbh. Part of that is that I’m a Bryan Fuller fan, part is that I just really want a new Trek series, part is that I hate the reboot movies.

    I just hope that the implication that this is actually going to be a series about EXPLORERS and not wham-bam-boom-explode is really true. I’m still annoyed that Star Trek Online did a trailer that was all “the war is over, it’s time to be explorers again” and then by two missions later it was a new war.

    Also I will still watch and probably enjoy the series either way, but I really hope the rumors about it being set between TOS and TNG are false. I want it to be set post-Nemesis. This is a show about the future, stop mining the past and move forward, dammit! To quote my friend Phil, I want a show that’s “post-Borg the way TNG was post-Klingon.”

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I really hope those rumors are wrong also. I really want this to push forward. And yes. I’m more excited about the show than the film.


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