Is This the Title for Star Wars: Episode VIII?

As always with these kind of things, potential spoilers, so beware? What’s in a title anyway? The title for Episode VII, The Force Awakens, didn’t spoil a thing. If anything, it threw us off the scent of any spoilers. But this potentially leaked title, which as of this moment is just a rumor, seems to be far more to the point than TFA. The image below is purportedly a leaked image of a poster from the upcoming Star Wars Celebration 2016. Take a look.

Fall of the Resistance, huh? I don’t mind it. I prefer Autumn of the Resistance, personally, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I guess a few things need to be asked, namely, why is this already on display anywhere, 2 months prior to the planned Celebration? I’m chalking this up as a fake, as of now, but it’s interesting this landed so soon after the leaked Rogue One images (which Lucasfilm has asked sites to remove, so I won’t be posting them here), and the leaked description of what sounds like an epic fight scene in Episode VIII. Suffice it to say, there are plenty of outlets that leaks, rumors and spoilers can take shape, so this “could” be the actual title.

“If it looks easy to fake, it’s fake.” -Abraham Lincoln, 2015

Update: It’s been noted in the comments section by user alexigsworth that the titles for Act I in each trilogy are comprised of three words each (I. The Phantom Menace, IV. A New Hope, VII. The Force Awakens), and that Act II in each trilogy thus far has proven to be comprised of four words each (II. Attack of the Clones, V. The Empire Strikes Back). In this sense, since VIII is rumored to be titled Fall of the Resistance, that logic follows.

It must also be noted that each of the Act I titles are vague in meaning, and can be easily misinterpreted. Act II titles thus far denote a major change in the tide of battle/power. If the pattern were to continue with VIII, Fall of the Resistance also makes sense. This would, of course, make it even easier to come up with a believable fake title, because at that point all you need do is create four words that fit the patterns mentioned.

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17 thoughts on “Is This the Title for Star Wars: Episode VIII?

  1. I agree with you. “Fall of the Resistance” is a good title, but seems to give too much away. Still, i am intrigued as it means that our next Star Wars chapter will be a little darker in tone.

    I think it’s a nice bit of misdirection.

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  2. I kinda think Fall of the Resistance is probably a bit too much of a spoiler for the film, somehow? Empire Strikes Back does kinda go along with what happens in the movie of course, but it’s kinda non-specific in that it would only lead you to expect a massive battle, the empire bringing their full might to bear. It doesn’t really tell us the empire will be victorious in that fight, you know? Attack of the Clones was one of the best mis-directions in SW history, as everyone up to that point was convinced the clones were bad, and the fact they looked like stormtroopers we were expecting them to fight the Jedi, but they turn up as the good guys. My point is, the titles manage to tell us what the movie is about without telling us what happens in the movie. Fall of the Resistance is perhaps a little too on the nose – it’s telling us the Resistance will fall, right? I’m reading that as the verb and not the season, so maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick…

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  3. Also to add to your additions — the act 2 title includes an action verb so “attack” & “strikes”. I don’t really like Fall though because it is a bit weaker and could be caused by any number of things not just the First Order. Plus, the Republic has pretty much fallen already from the first movie… so… I dunno it wouldn’t be great title. I really think the title will have an entity doing the action rather than be the subject of the action.

    All of that being said, I think that could actually be the real title. I never liked The Force Awakens as a title, because it implies the Force slept which is kind of stupid to me because The Force is just the Force. So I wouldn’t at be surprised if the next movie really is called The Fall of the Resistance because it would fit right in with The Force Awakes as a dumb title.

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  4. I guess it’s obvious by now that the resistance would take a big hit in episode VIII. Since they can’t really call it the First Order Stikes Back, the previously mentioned title should work. Also, good catch Alex. I never saw that pattern.

    Autum of the Resistance….. Hahahahahaha

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  5. Here’s a thing:

    Prequel Trilogy, Act I: The Phantom Menace (three words)
    Original Trilogy, Act I: A new Hope (three words)
    Sequel Trilogy, Act I: The Force Awakens (three words)

    Prequel Trilogy, Act II: Attack of the Clones (four words)
    Original Trilogy, Act II: The Empire Strikes Back (four words)
    Sequel Trilogy, Act II: “Fall of the Resistance” (four words)

    Basically, I was already expecting Episode VIII’s subtitle to be four words because of the established three-words/four-words/four-words trilogy titling convention. Unless whoever put this together also already got that, which is reasonable.


    1. It also follows that with each Act I title the names are vague and easily misinterpret-able. And the pattern set forth thus far with Act II titles denotes a major change in the tide of battle. Fall of the Resistance would also follow that logic, coincidentally.

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      1. I’ve just conducted a Twitter search for “Fall of the Resistance”, and there are tweets as far back as January speculating about that title. Not that I have any idea what the significance of that is…

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