The CW’s Epic New Superhero Trailer Includes Supergirl

As I mentioned the other day in my post All the BIG Changes and News on Superhero TV This Past Week, Supergirl is headed to the CW, where it should’ve been all along. Interestingly, following even more news that Supergirl will be part of an unheard of 4-part TV crossover event including Arrow, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow, the CW have released an epic new trailer for all their superheroes, including Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl herself. Check it out!

Though the trailer features no new footage, it’s still a great mashup of what we’ve seen this past year. Come December of this year we’ll finally get to see how they plan on fully bringing Supergirl into the Arrowverse, being on an entirely different Earth within the multiverse and all.

What do you guys think? Still interested in the CW’s impressive lineup of superheroes or is it too much?

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13 thoughts on “The CW’s Epic New Superhero Trailer Includes Supergirl

  1. I’ve just realised that I used to spend a fair amount of time scouring the internet for stuff like this, but now I keep up with it all thanks to this site – so thanks for the amazing work!

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  2. This can only mean good things on both sides.
    The CW’s Arrow-verse gets to continue it’s expansion and grow it’s connected universe and Supergirl gets to join in the viewership of the 3 DC shows already on The CW; Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.
    I hope they continue to expand and grow and keep up the level of stories, the only one that has seemed to falter so far is Arrow itself.

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  3. Honestly? As long as they keep up with the quality of the shows, I think this will strengthen their viewership. The CW has a pretty eclectic mix of genre series:
    Horror- Supernatural, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, IZombie
    Sci-fi-The 100
    RomCom- Jane the Virgin, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    And of course, the aforementioned superhero series. Personally, the CW is one of my favorite networks!

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    1. i LOVED Jane the virgin 1º season (watched it just last week for 1° time), maybe the last episode wasn’t as great, but i laughed my ass off until that point. #TeamMichael

      Second season has been weird (only have watched 3 episodes this week) and i’ve liked it more as it progresses… so hope that continues 😀


      Superheroes side:
      LOVE The Flash
      LOVED, but now LIKE Arrow
      MIXED about Legends of Tomorrow
      LIKE Supergirl


      LOVE LOVE LOVE Supernatural I’m so happy i decided to continue after Season 5 Finale. Even tho after that it was pretty rocky (main arc story wise) at the beggining.


      The rest of that line-up i haven’t watch even one scene, except for maybe 3 half scenes of TVD.
      i want to watch the original just for the Ex-Teen Wolf Hottie LOL (when are he and Colton (is that propper grammar?) comming back to Teen Wolf now that they don’t work on the CW?)

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      1. I haven’t yet watched Jane, although it’s in my Netflix queue. I absolutely loved Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! And as far as the superhero shows go I absolutely agree with you. Flash is still my favorite. Supernatural–well there aren’t really many words you can say are there? Much like Sammy and Dean’s relationship things have definitely had their ups and downs, but this season has really been stellar! And I haven’t heard anything about Colton coming back to Arrow. I certainly wouldn’t mind though!

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