Vote for Which Book I Should Review Next

I need your help, followers and fellow bloggers! My to-be-read list is way too big. I want to start a bunch of new series, but I also wish to finish ones I’ve already started. I need you to choose my next read/review. I just finished N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season, and I’ve just begun Frank Herbert’s Dune. But after that, I have no idea what to begin.

Please vote on what you think I should read next. I’ve created a poll via Polldaddy. Choose up to three options of books you either think I’d like, or books you’d like to get my review on. Thanks guys!

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4 thoughts on “Vote for Which Book I Should Review Next

  1. Looks like only one other persons going for the Gods of Mars, but no matter what you should read it. That junk is crazy. I love me some Burroughs.


  2. I have the same problem pretty regularly. I think I have about 150 audiobooks that I haven’t gone through yet. The best answer I’ve come up with is to force myself to never be working on more than 4 series at a time. I can rotate through each series, and read stand-alone books for a while, but if I want to start a new series, I have to finish one that I’m in the middle of.

    If I don’t do something like that, then I get way too bogged down and I start losing track of what’s going on in each series.

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