Geek Week News Update, Ep. 2: Pokémon GO, X-Men TV Show, Doctor Who & More

If you’ve missed our first episode, have no fear. The Geek Week News Update is designed so that you can jump right in and geek out alongside us. This week we talk about a whole lot of great stuff, including Overwatch’s new character, Ana, and the incredibly trending augmented reality game Pokémon GO. Come join us, and if you enjoy our show or learn something new, please comment and subscribe. Thanks guys! We really hope we can continue making this show regularly, so please spread the word!

Thanks for watching the second entry in our Geek Week News Update.

Pokémon GO: 100 Tips, Tricks & Cheats

White Sand (Graphic Novel Review)

Dune Chronicles, #1: Dune (Book Review)

Why Overwatch Works So Well

Grab the Book of the Week: Dune by Frank Herbert

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5 thoughts on “Geek Week News Update, Ep. 2: Pokémon GO, X-Men TV Show, Doctor Who & More

  1. I saw Doctor Who in the headline, and thought “Ooh!”. So strap in, this is a long one:

    Firstly, I see a lot of outlets referring to this idea as a “rumour” because they don’t know what that actually means. A rumour would be word coming from production or a secret leaking from inside, something with a source attributable to the series, rather something one journalist has invented and has decided is true. The problem is, a lot of other articles written about this are from sites that recycle what others publish, and just regurgitate the information, which leads to it being given substantial attention that it doesn’t deserve. Especially because this is a slow news year for Doctor Who, so they’re really the only watering hole in the desert so far. And the problem is, a stopped clock is right twice a day – these were the same people that reported in 2012 that Smith would be departing in 2013. As it is, I want Capaldi to be Doctor Who forever. He’s the best one we’ve had since William Hartnell, he really is.

    As it happens, this was going to be a thing before. In the 1980s, when the BBC realised that they’d broken Doctor Who, they asked Sydney Newman to return to it in order to take the series back to its roots. He in turn wrote a letter to Michael Grade, in-which he suggested casting Patrick Troughton as the Seventh Doctor. Especially because Troughton had enjoyed being the Doctor again so much in The Five Doctors – The Two Doctor wasn’t an anniversary special, and was only written because of how much Troughton said he’d enjoyed doing it again. And had that happened, recasting previous Doctor Whos would be open season. Russell T. Davies once said that the BBC wanted to relaunch Doctor Who with Tom Baker, which wouldn’t have allowed it to break-away from the past and become legitimate. And speaking of Tom Baker – The Curator is now being used as an excuse for this happening, as if somehow it’s part of Moffat’s master plan, and not just a way to include Tom Baker in an anniversary special. Because then – where does it stop? Why not just replace the current cast with the original lineup, and throw in some others? Because as soon as that happens, to say that “we should look to the future, with new characters” becomes one hypocrisy too far. If they break that kind of rule even once, the rule is proven to be breakable, and that rule is possibly the only rule of the Doctor Who universe that’s fixed. It would be like bringing back a dead President – if you can do it with one, why not do it with all of them? Smith was basically imitating Troughton anyway, and Capaldi is clearly influenced by Jon Pertwee. And that’s how it should be done – allowing the past to influence the present, rather than trying to use the present as a host for the past. Of course, the complicated nature of time theory somewhat prevents me from elaborating on that. And anyway, if Newman’s advice was ever taken, we’d have never had the Daleks, which add to the Doctor Who universe, rather than making it smaller.

    Basically, I never want it to happen. Not even McGann. If I had my way, I’d be cast. And I’d be damn good at it, too.

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    1. You actually do remind me of the Doctor, the way you word things, so yeah you script yourself. And this is a great point. I agree with you 100% here. Apologies if the headline was misleading! We kind of breezed through that Doctor Who “news” really quickly. But you’ve put plenty of thought into this. So thank you for your comment.

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  2. Regarding Doctor Who… Until it happens, or I die, whichever comes first… I keep pitching the idea for a Doctor Who Anthology series. This could be “instead of” or “in addition to” regular episodes… but the notion here would be… Series of Doctor Who featuring past Doctors in single or 2-part stories. Self-contained stuff OR could have a common theme or enemy or otherwise connecting story… but the key is, it would allow anyone who played the Doctor and could still play the Doctor to come for 1-2 episodes. So… you could do a series with a couple Matt Smith, couple David Tennant, couple Christopher Eccleston, couple Paul McGann, and so forth. No individual actor would have to make a large commitment like they would to do an entire series, so it seems like this would be easy to get actors to commit to doing, and would give fans new adventures with classic Doctors. They could have their old companions OR no companions OR brand new ones. It’s a time travel series after all!

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      1. Yeah, McGann and up are easy fits… even Hurt if he was game for it… I still say McCoy can work because he already looked older during the 1996 movie regeneration… and Peter Davison could be made to work if you’re really a fan. Colin Baker is the tough one. Also, the door is open for something like Sean Pertwee to pose as his father and do a Jon Pertwee story too.

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