The Last Bastion Is a Remarkable Sci-Fi Feat in Short-Form

Blizzard Entertainment has begun unloading their second season of animated shorts created so as to bring life to their diverse cast of heroes and villains. I wrote an article about the previous four from the first season, which are worthy of being Pixar shorts, and if you haven’t watched them yet I’d suggest getting around to it. The short films each highlight a brief period in the selected character’s timeline that defines who they are to their very core. And that model holds true with their latest video, The Last Bastion, and does indeed feature Bastion as the lead.

It’s a heartwarming juxtaposition of robotics, programming, and warfare, with nature, forgiveness, and love. And though no words are spoken, so much is said. Even if you don’t play Overwatch, you should give this short film a watch.

In the video we get a strong flashback to the Omnic Crisis, which effectively made Bastion the last of his kind, as well as a glimpse at one of the upcoming maps, Eichenwalde.

What did you think? Leave your comments below!

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5 thoughts on “The Last Bastion Is a Remarkable Sci-Fi Feat in Short-Form

  1. It’s a nice touch. Blizz is (imho) always great with the cutscenes and cinematics, especially the story-telling aspect. The actual gameplay may be “run and gun, press Q to kill everyone” — not my honest opinion, just a popular criticism.
    But the fact that some of this character development is there if you dig for it gives me hope. I’d love to see some other explorations in the Overwatch setting.

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  2. oh man this got me all teary eyed. Don’t know anything about the games, but videos like this doesn’t seem like you need too. I love robots like that, shows that you can always be more than your programming.

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