The TOP 3 MCU Films to Watch BEFORE Infinity War

Hey guys, Avengers: Infinity War is upon us finally and, while this may be a bit late, some of you may wish to watch some of the movies in preparation for the big event. With only a limited amount of time, Jenn and Dakota go through each of the films, figure out which are the absolute most essential entrees, and pick the top 3 most important films that lead into Avengers: Infinity War. Be sure to check it out and share your thoughts with us afterwards!

3 thoughts on “The TOP 3 MCU Films to Watch BEFORE Infinity War

  1. I’m not convinced Guardians 2 is not significant enough. Star Lord lost his powers but he still has two sets of genes. Food for thought besides the fact Guardians numbers have increased, the two sisters have been raised by Thanos, there’s the golden girl who wants them annihilated, and by the end of the credits Groot has grown up quite a bit.. Capt. America Civil War has a lot of people involved with some impressive powers, everyone’s come a long way and who’s to say a giant Ant Man couldn’t stomp Thanos – of course that’d end the movie early. Thor Ragnarok shows Dr Strange with amazing sorcery agility that knocks Thor on his ass, I mean he can’t finish his grog or whatever… he also bests Loki, not to mention Thor is concentrated lightening, no hammer required. There’s the crew he picked up when he thought he should stop the prophecy. Black Panther is involved helping out the Winter Soldier and holds his ground as a formidable foe… somewhere there’s supposed to be a side plot with Ant Man and the Wasp both can get under your skin otherwise…

    The troops are being assembled.

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