I’m Finally a Fantasy Writer!! (sort of)

Actually not really. Not truly. Not yet.

One of the reasons I love to blog so much is that it helps me practice my writing, in short feverish bursts. And along with the fact that I’ve been slowly testing the field by reviewing and rating other literary works, I have a far better grasp on what I wish to write. It’s always been a dream of mine to have my own little fantasy world I could fall into, one I could shape for better or worse.

And now that’s finally coming to fruition. Last month I started another blog, Tales from Atelinor, to showcase my writing – writing that specifically takes place in my fantasy world. I’ve actually been forming the world in my head for several years now, and although the main tale I wish to tell in novel form isn’t ready to be shared, I would like to introduce you to Atelinor in small chunks.

The short stories I write for Tales from Atelinor will be published on a weekly basis, will span millennia, and will feature different characters from all walks of life. And to make it extra challenging for myself? Each will be spawned from a writing prompt that I’ll have to adapt to best fit my world.

Currently you can find 8 short stories: 8 scenes ready to be devoured, dissected and spit out. I am looking for ones to come and review my work, rate it, tell me what I’m doing wrong, tell me what I’m doing right, and nudge me in the direction you wish to see me head into.

If you choose to read them in chronological order, check out this guide which is updated regularly.

I hope I can deliver. And I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think!

(The artwork above was lovingly provided by The Pale Prince, who’s fantastic collection of work you can check out here.)

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