Our First Look at Jason Momoa As Aquaman

Last night Zack Snyder, who’s currently directing the Justice League prologue movie Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, posted a picture of Jason Momoa all dressed up as the king of Atlantis himself – Aquaman. And he looks scary good.


Right off the bat, it has to be said. Jason Momoa is already delivering a level of awesome to Aquaman that the character has never even remotely seen before. He just jumps off the poster, menacing and powerful.

But there are a few things I feel the need to point out. The first being that his hair, which is traditionally blonde in the comics and cartoons, is definitely not blonde here. Although the picture is quite desaturated in color, his hair is noticeably very dark and matted. But interestingly, there are what appear to be highlights running through it. Are these died blonde? Merely sun-kissed? Old age? Or a trick of the light?

The trident is more of a… pentadent. It has five spikes as apposed to the obvious three. But this is what Aquaman has been using in the New 52 comics recently, so it makes sense.

I love the scale tattoos. The tattoos in general are very Pacific Islander-esque and that’s very cool. He looks very tough.

Notice how they kept his symbol on his belt buckle, although slightly warped from an “A” to more of a boomerang shape.

And now there’s the obvious question: “What does UNITE THE SEVEN mean?” The way I see it there are three possible answers. The most obvious being that he, as King of Atlantis and the seven seas, must unite the seven seas. But it could also be translated into him having to unite the seven heroes, the pantheon of DC Comics finest, for the Justice League movie (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter/Cyborg/Shazam).

But as far as I can tell nobody’s figured out what it really means. Aquaman is on a mission to unite the seven Dragon Balls!

19 thoughts on “Our First Look at Jason Momoa As Aquaman

  1. The real bad thing is that now, every time I hear “Aquaman”, I see Raj from Big Bang Theory with yellow wig and sea pony looking morose and saying “Aquaman sucks”…. not even Khal Drogo can really chase that away…


  2. No one will be saying Aquaman is lame after this, that’s for sure… though part of me is hoping that he’ll be alone in the movie… or at least mostly… because the look at how they’re doing the other heroes… especially for that superman batman movie… is just not that great… plus just looking at this dude here and exploring what all he can do, which is so much more than most people give him credit for, would be enough to carry a movie on his own…

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    1. Well you might find it strange, but this is actually a promotional image for Batman v Superman. He’s yet another character joining the bunch.


      1. seriously? I thought he was getting his own movie… they’re really trying to cram too much into this one film… I don’t think it’s going to work out too well… the Avengers worked because all the characters already had an established background… and they keep pushing the release date out that by the time it does come around the hype is going to be over…


      2. Warner Bros is trying HARD to capitalize on the dough that Marvel is raking in, so they’re putting their “universe” on the fast track.


      3. don’t they know when you through that junk in the microwave it’s never as good as when you take the time for a slow cooked awesomeness… plus by doing the build up like Marvel you have more movies in which to make money from so that’s just ridiculous…


  3. I’m so sad that he looks nothing like the Aquaman I’ve always known! IMO the new 52 did a great job with Aquaman while still including the usual orange and green, and I just don’t understand while Momoa has to make Aquaman look so goshdarned mean right off the bat… Are superheroes only cool if they make for threatening posters? Sigh.


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      1. I’m sure it’s just advertising. After their incredible success with the Dark Knight trilogy, it makes sense for them to market that “dark alternative” superhero.


      2. At the end of the day, Marvel is still doing loads better with their products. Fun, accessible, and you can take them seriously. We’ll see how the post-Man of Steel DC flicks take the genre.


  4. I’m not really happy with this though my worries could be entirely unfounded. It is after all, just a picture but the lack of color is… to me, really, really ugly. I know DC is trying to differentiate themselves from Marvel but from an aesthetic perspective, I dislike the lack of color. This is based also on what we saw in Man of Steel which featured a very toned down color palette, especially in contrast to Marvel. Now, I’m not saying they have to go full Marvel but you can go a darker route and still feature color. To me this screams grimdark, though, and neither dark nor grim. And I hate grimdark.

    As for the quote, I’d say it’s a reference to the JLA members. If I remember correctly, way back in last year or something, it was stated that Aquaman would be a driving force behind uniting JLA in the DCMU.

    Still hopeful but if it’s indicative of the future tone, I doubt anything DC puts forward will become any of my favorite super hero movies. Which is weird ’cause I think they’re currently hitting it out of the park when it comes to TV. Man do I love Flash.


    1. I hate grimdark as well, and I can see what you mean with the lack of color. You’ll also remember that the pic of Batman we got a while back was black and white also.


  5. Since this is poster-sized, I’m going to use this as a stand-in poster until an actual one’s released. It looks to me as though Snyder’s been using more black and white filter, but it’ll be interesting to see if he denies it…


  6. I too would guess “unite the seven” is a reference to the Justice League core/founding members… I have to agree too that this is a pretty good look for Aquaman. I wasn’t expecting that.

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