The New Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Looks Too Good

One of the oldest rivalries in comic book history comes to a head next year with the hotly anticipated Batman v. Superman film. And this new trailer is just… Well, watch it. But be warned, it shows too much.

Director Zack Snyder is well known for his desaturated, dark-grading filters he overlays his films, which elicits a mood of mystery and suspense. This film appears to be no different, but it does look like there will be some level of comedic relief mixed in, which is exactly what this film needs. What do you think about the new trailer? Share your thoughts below! (I read them all).

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21 thoughts on “The New Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Looks Too Good

  1. 1. I feel like I’ll enjoy Jesse Eisenberg in this one.
    2. Wow, so much darkness and destruction. Zack Snyder, never change.
    3. Doomsday. Doomsday? Doomsday, seriously?
    But looking at the whole rather than the parts, I’m still skeptical about how tight the story’s going to be, with Bats and Supes fighting each other, AND Lex, AND Doomsday, AND potentially WW…

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  2. I was critical of the previous trailer, but I’m a little more sanguine about this one. I like what Jesse Eisenberg is doing with his role — going in a very different direction from Gene Hackman, or from Hackman’s imitator Kevin Spacey. I’m worried that there is no room for Wonder Woman in this movie — unless the movie is 5 hours long, how do you tell a coherent story and give enough time to Supes AND Batman AND Wonder Woman AND Jesse Eisenberg AND Doomsday? Lastly, having seen Ben Affleck’s dramatic stylings as Bruce Wayne… is it too late to recast and replace him with David Mazouz?!


    1. Yes. Yes it’s too late to recast batman lol. You’re also forgetting that Aquaman is in this film, although I’m sure his role will be minute at best! That said, I don’t feel Wonder Woman will be explained much, other than she being the watchful eye in the invisible jet (doubt they’ll go that route either). After Superman pops up, stops the world from total annihilation, wouldn’t you keep an eye out for him if you were a superhuman being? What if another major threat pops up – Will you help? I think that’s exactly how WW will be played. And I think the trailer confirms that, as she just pops up in the fray.


  3. I like the humor and tone, and am looking forward to the movie despite not normally being a “superhero” fan. I’m rather neutral to the genre and put all pressure on the movie to convince me. The element I’m not convinced by in the trailer is Lex being so snivelly. That’s sure to get annoying before the movie even starts. Though he has some good lines, the shrillness of his tone needs tempering.

    This has potential to be better than the first Superman movie with this actor which I found meh-ish.

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  4. I’m always nervous of these movies until I see them… but this trailer looked pretty good to me. I still haven’t actually seen the Man of Steel movie! I own it, but never seem to find the time to watch it. I need to do that.

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  5. Looks interesting. I’ve been skeptical of the concept from the beginning, but this is shaping up to be pretty good. A lot of people were mad about having Batman face off with Supes (because of the obvious difference in power) but we all know it won’t be all hand-to-hand combat. Plus, I’m sure there are some surprises waiting. Wonder Woman’s involvement, I’m hoping, becomes a major plot device for kick-starting her film and other characters too. I just hope Supes is a tad more “loose” in this film. This version has him always on edge, it seems. So we’ll see!

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  6. I wrote a post a while ago that covers some of my concerns with the movie, and this trailer doesn’t alleviate any of them.

    It seems to me that Batman v. Superman will have a lot of the same problems that Man of Steel had. It will have a lot of god-like beings fighting each other, but with Batman there too. If anything, I think that the non-action scenes will have to carry the movie for it to be any good, because I’m not sure I’ll be able to suspend my disbelief enough to care about the fights.

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  7. I don’t think I’ve cared for anything about this movie since it was announced and I first saw Man of Steel and while I’m not raving about this one yet, I’ve got to say this trailer has made me consider it.
    Humour in a Zack Snyder DC movie?
    They seem to have lightened the Super suit so that it actually looks blue and red and colourful. Though I will say that while I appreciate these efforts they may have gone too far with Lex who seems in some ways a little too kooky and camp.
    If they could drop some of the symbolism and Supes v bat fight then I might actually start looking forward to this.
    Doomsday looks poo but meh.

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      1. I think putting the stress on Superman, Batman and WW fighting something works better. There is the feeling that they will always kiss and make up with each other at the end of this movie because a) its Superman and Batman and b) we’ve got Justice League to go; while somehow the stakes seem higher when they are against something else.
        Even though logically we still know they are going to be safe.

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    1. I think I really enjoyed the banter in the beginning. For the first time ever we get the two most popular heroes of all time taking jabs at each other on the big screen. Not only that, but their vastly different moral codes and methods of actions. I don’t think the trailer needed to wow anyone, because it’s just supposed to tease more of what to expect. It’ll be really fun seeing Batman try to take him down.

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