Don’t Miss ‘The Expanse’ Tonight on Syfy

It’s been a handful of years since there’s been a proper space-faring tv series on air (aside from Doctor Who), and Syfy means to change that tonight. The Expanse adapts the popular book series by author duo James S.A. Corey, and it’s set in a not-so-distant future (a couple hundred years) where humans have colonized more of the solar system; most notably Mars and the Belt. Political tensions between Earth, Mars, and the Belt are at an all-time high, and that’s where we’re thrown into the mix. The pilot episode, Dulcinea, which I had the privelege of seeing and critiquing a few months back, airs tonight on Syfy at 10PM – but you can actually watch the debut episode online now.
Syfy is also airing the first part Childhood’s End tonight at 8PM. This will be a three night/6 hour event, adapting the 1953 SciFi novel from Arthur C. Clarke. The premise revolves around a peaceful alien invasion that brings about a utopia-like future, but at the cost of individuality and culture.

Syfy is also dropping another pilot episode later this week with The Magicians, adapted from Lev Grossman’s popular fantasy series. The first episode drops this Wednesday at 10PM. This wasn’t supposed to air until January 25th, but Syfy decided to sneak it out a bit early. The rest of the season should air weekly starting next year.

It’s easy to see why Syfy would choose to adapt all these popular genre books, as it’s far easier to draw people into a series they’ve already become invested in via some other medium, than to just create something wholly new. That said, I’m most excited about The Expanse, as it means the classic space opera genre is back! (And I can’t believe I’ll be saying that twice this week!)

Do you think it’s any coincidence Syfy chose to release such a huge space series on the same week as The Force Awakens, or are they perhaps trying to ride the wave of such a titanic film?

9 thoughts on “Don’t Miss ‘The Expanse’ Tonight on Syfy

  1. I can’t wait to watch this one. I’ll get to it soon. I’m in the middle of watching that mini series that Syfy aired. Children’s End. It’s pretty interesting.

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  2. Solid episode, and after a dense premiere a little bit of breathing room is not a bad thing. I’m still wondering if having Avasarala appear so early was a good move (book info that isn’t really a spoiler: she isn’t in the first one at all), and while I don’t expect a season of television to be a 1:1 match with each edition of a book series there is something to be said for starting off small and then expanding bit by bit…I think there should be more of Miller and Havelock’s relationship at this stage, too. But overall I’m still very much enjoying the show, and it is giving me the motivation to finally finish off the rest of the books.

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