The New Suicide Squad Trailer Features Batman!

An exclusive trailer for Suicide Squad debuted at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. This being the 3rd, and likely the last, trailer, we get some substantial new footage, as well as a few explanations and surprises. Check it out below!

We get some Batfleck action in this trailer! Nothing particularly substantial, but enough to get a fan like me excited. We also learn that the reason the team is brought together is to prevent major attacks from happening, such as if Superman were to have ripped off the roof of the White House and kidnapped the President. I understand the sentiment of fear, but c’mon. Supes has never hurt a fly who wasn’t a terrorist.

The great thing about Suicide Squad at this stage is that the government doesn’t know about any good metahumans to form a team like the Justice League… So they take whatever preventative measures they can. And make a team of villains.

What did you guys think of the new trailer?

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11 thoughts on “The New Suicide Squad Trailer Features Batman!

  1. Very interested in this one. I like the overall tone so far — WB better not screw it up with all those reshoots. I want the movie that the creators planned on making, not something tweaked to death by focus groups and clueless Hollywood execs afraid of losing their jobs.

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      1. Well, if the rumors have any truth to them, the reshoots are to make the film “funnier” to match the tone of the previews. DEADPOOL was dark, irreverent and made a stadium full of money, so WB may be hoping to tweak their product to emulate that. I’m hoping that’s not the case — I want to see the film the cast and crew signed on to make, not some hodge-podge assembled out of desperation by the bean-counters at WB. For all that, I remain cautiously optimistic.

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  2. I like it. Each trailer just makes me want to see the movie even more. I love Harley. She seems to have gotten the best lines and they’ve managed to capture something of her zaniness from the cartoons.

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