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Dear Followers,

There have been a number of huge behind-the-scenes changes here recently at, and I for one am extremely excited about what’s to come. First, a call went out to other bloggers who wished to lend a hand here on the site, writing editorials and geek culture news while I spend much of my time writing fiction. Second, a number of lovely individuals heeded that call, and have since been lending their talents to the site. Third, we’ve joined forces with a Let’s Play YouTube channel called AdvenChurro to host some of their videos, because they’re hilarious – and let’s face it, Let’s Play videos are all the rage these days. Fourth, we’ve got a second admin that’ll help with spelling and grammar errors, along with the occasional post. On top of that we’ve got a number of other projects and ideas in the works too.

But that’s not all. We’ve finally set up a proper RSS feed, so you never have to miss any of our posts when they go out. I know many of you, myself included, enjoy staying informed with many content-driven sites, and use an RSS reader, app, or program to view any news items, editorials, reviews, etc. that these sites produce. If this is something you use, or wish to, and would like to stay up to date with Geekritique, please click here to subscribe to our RSS feed.

As I’m always on the go, I prefer to use the Newsify App on my iOS devices for all my RSS needs, but there are hundreds of other options out there to choose from.

With all the changes going on around here, we don’t want to shirk our duties in giving you the best we have to offer in reviews, news, editorials and more. We’d rather produce quality over quantity, because that’s what keeps you guys coming back to read what we have to say. Geekritique has never been about getting as many likes, views, or followers as possible. But when we receive feedback, we appreciate it. And we’re happy to keep on writing if you guys choose to keep on coming back.

Thank you,
Dakota Lopez
Writer & Founder

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Miss a Post! Follow Our RSS Feed!

  1. Hi, I really appreciate your Arrow/Flash viewing order. I am in the midst of playing catchup and am still in Arrow Season 3/Flash Season 1. I have utilized your list and created a spreadsheet checklist for folks wishing to keep track of what they have and have not seen. It’s still a work in progress as the series’ are still currently in production. I’d like to send you an initial copy so you can see it and give your blessing. I didn’t want to be utilizing your ideas while creating it without giving you any credit for it. Do you have an email address to which I may send it? Hopefully you will see my email as I entered it to post this comment.

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