Here’s Your First Trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel Live, we have our first look at Doctor Strange, Marvel’s 14th film. In theatres November 4th, 2016, the film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Stephen Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo, and Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One. Check out the first look below.

What do you guys think of our first footage of Marvel’s Sorceror Supreme? I find myself blindsided by Cumberbatch’s American accent. He obviously has a large role to play in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline, but how will he fit in with the two-part Infinity War movie?

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17 thoughts on “Here’s Your First Trailer for Marvel’s Doctor Strange

  1. I don’t know anything about Doctor Strange other than he’s part of the marvel universe. This one certainly looks different than the other movies. I’m looking forward to seeing it and how his story fits with the others.

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  2. Can’t WAIT for November!! I’m familiar with Dr. Strange, and am very excited that they finally made a film for this character. So many questions, so much and anticipation. Above all, A-MAZING!!!

    Loved the weird “u-b-tripping” route the trailer takes, giving snap shots of all the various slices as Dr. Strange transitions into this new world. And the effects look spectacular.

    Plus Cumberbatch? There goes my fear of whether the character will translate badly. Cumberbatch always pulls a spectacular performance that is relatable to the source material. I don’t have much racial concerns -if you’ve seen the animation of Dr. Strange, he is shown as Hispanic/Latino but these aspects don’t always transfer over to film and selected actors.

    Overall.. I’m pretty psyched!

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  3. This is why I love film. I don’t really care much for “reality”, so I see film as an escape; it makes sense because it doesn’t need to. See, I’ve been having an existential crisis ever since I saw 8 1/2, and as a result am questioning everything about the nature of what is real. If only I could open my third eye, so to speak. That’s what films do for me, they allow me to rise above the illusion and transcend to see things as they really are – images. But once that’s understood, the facade falls apart. Doctor Strange is a film made for beings like me: to push past our limited physical existence and re-manifest as the perceptive consciousnesses that we really are, free of cause-and-effect. Hopefully, Marvel aren’t just playing that as a cool visual gimmick and go all the way with it. Marvel are about as mainstream as studios can get, and Benedict Cumberbatch is basically the face of acting right now. So if they can combine those things to make blockbuster-budget art-house film that introduces these kind of thoughts to everyone else – that’s when it will be a hit.

    (Studying film art has messed with me.)

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  4. I don’t know that much about Doctor Strange, but I’m glad that the MCU is expanding to more mythical and magical realms. Especially after a lot of “will, that’s not actually magic”. Also, the trailer looks good too.

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  5. I know absolutely nothing about Doctor Strange, so this is all brand new to me. The trailer is certainly intriguing, and the Inception like effects look brilliant.
    I am torn though; from looking at the trailer this film is either going to be stunningly brilliant or a hot mess.
    The only thing keeping my expectations up is Tilda Swinton’s involvement; her background is very much in art-house and indie movies. She doesn’t strike me as someone who would sell out and enter a franchise for the money, so her involvement suggests to me that their is a solid script behind the movie and that is isn’t just going to rely on special effects. (I’m still stinging from BvS, so I’m being very cautious in getting my hopes up at the minute).

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    1. Well look at it this way. Marvel has a track record. An incredible track record, wherein they haven’t yet made a flop. After 12 consecutive releases, the franchise has only grown. There has been no slowing down, and not one of the films was given a poor score by critics. Tilda may be more curious to get on board with a company that knows what she’s doing. Either that, or she sees the role as something far different and new.

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      1. I know Marvel has a track record and I love the franchise they have grown, but DC had a good track record with Batman as well.
        Maybe I’m being a bit over cautious in getting my hopes up for this film, but there is something about the trailer that worries me. I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly that is bothering me, but something in that trailer suggests that the plot might get messy and disjointed.
        Could just be me though.

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  6. Well, I like the trailer. I don’t know Chewitel Ejiofor was on it though, so that makes me happy. I love Mads Mikkelson, so that was good too. Cumberbatch is still pretty jarring though, because I always imagined Dr. Strange as Hispanic, and Benedict is not an especially handsome man.
    It reminds me of Inception, only weirder. I will be cautiously intrigued as I am with all these movies now.

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