Watch the Final Star Trek Beyond Trailer (feat. Rihanna)

The third trailer for Star Trek Beyond made its way onto the net earlier. Rihanna’s new single “Sledgehammer“, which plays alongside it, might just make it the best trailer yet. There’s not all that much in the way of new footage, but it’s worth the watch.

Say what you will of the film, but it looks like it’ll be a high-octane emotional ride. And now that Star Trek is coming back to TV next year, I’m okay with that fact. Because let’s face it: this isn’t Star Trek – at least not of the Gene Roddenberry variety. But I’m sure it’ll be fun to look at.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh, too early here?

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18 thoughts on “Watch the Final Star Trek Beyond Trailer (feat. Rihanna)

  1. Hey have you seen the movie yet? Figured there would be a review up for it. Just watched it myself, and I loved it. I mean maybe I’m not Trekky enough to see what everyone is complaining about though. I mean I watched all the old movies, watch The Next Generation and Voyager, and I think this movie fits right in. It deals with some of the issues that doing such long travel into space would bring about, and looking at how it can affect a person. Plus them dealing with new aliens, and trying to make peace, and trying to spread the federation way through out seems like a good addition to the series so far.

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  2. After the previous trailers, I’d decided to wait until I can see Star Trek Beyond on home video, but they’re managing to bring me back, so I probably will be there on the opening weekend.

    Normally, I’m sceptical of trailers using pop music, because it feels more like they’re trying to make a mashup video that a fan would make (if they wanted me to care about the music, they really should’ve just asked Fall Out Boy or Voltaire), but since it’s a song featured on the soundtrack, and was commissioned for that, that probably makes it okay (unless the two existed mutually and it was a clever pre-release find by Paramount).

    What I don’t understand is why so much footage from Star Trek [XI] is included – the only way that would feel justified is if those flashbacks feature in Star Trek Beyond (like how Batman Begins footage was in the The Dark Knight Rises teaser but wasn’t in the final The Dark Knight Rises film).

    Personally, I like the way Kelvin Timeline Kirk is beginning to resemble Kirk Prime, with the hair especially.

    But you’re correct when you say the television series is the heart of the franchise – Star Trek Beyond is “based upon” Star Trek, but the new television series actually will be Star Trek, and that’s the difference.

    In fact, even Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan deviated from what Star Trek had been at that point. The formula was different, within the same shape. Whereas Star Trek Into Darkness went wrong by making changing the shape to fit the formula. The whole Spock-as-an-action-hero thing would’ve worked much better with any character other than Spock. And then there’s all the “homages”, which is really just a lazy recycling of better material because nothing was added.

    That said, Simon Pegg made some very controversial remarks about fandom recently, regarding the way films of the New Hollywood era used to be based in artistic value and intellectual construction, whereas they’re now an escapist distraction from the issues that they should be addressing. For Pegg to be involved in the writing process makes we wonder how much of that Pegg really meant, and whether it will reflect in how Pegg approached the Star Trek franchise.

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  3. Reblogged this on Geeking Out about It and commented:
    I kind of like this new trailer. I’m interested in seeing what Justin Lin is going to bring to the franchise and I’m always interested when the creators of new Trek franchises tweet and test it and try new things. This music is really different, but I like it, and that’s coming from someone who is not especially a fan of Rihanna, but is a long time Trekkie. I like that they tried it here.

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  4. The Abramsverse is the Rihanna to TV Trek’s Janelle Monae. Generic overproduced formulaic pap vs. progressive pop entertainment with something to say and a strong science fictional bent.

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  5. No, I don’t think you’re being too harsh. No, it’s not old Trek, but what is the point of remaking something, if you don’t actually remake it.

    If I want old Trek, of which I’m a huge fan, I’ll rewatch the old episodes. I don’t mind things getting updated. It won’t be deep, but then neither was TNG, especially, and I enjoyed that, along with DS9 and Voyager.

    At the very least it might be simple but great eye candy, if nothing else, and I can grok that.

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