Check Out Geekritique’s New YouTube Show, the Geek Week News Update!

Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been so absent on Geekritique lately. But there’s a very good reason for that. And the reason is the video embedded below!

The Geek Week News Update is a project long in the making. My wife and I are happy to bring you the first of what should be a new weekly series of videos bringing you the latest and greatest in pop culture and geek news. The videos shall ideally be about 20 minutes or less. This week we talk all about Entertainment Weekly’s Rogue One feature, as welove as discuss the Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition, and much more! We hope you enjoy!

The featured book of the week is Brandon Sanderson’s White Sand, a new graphic novel that takes place within his Cosmere universe of novels.

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7 thoughts on “Check Out Geekritique’s New YouTube Show, the Geek Week News Update!

    1. The goal – well, one of the goals anyway – is to feature Children of the Different before its release at some point in the near future, similarly to how I featured White Sand at the end of this. Book of the week style.

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  1. Branching out some more… I’ve thought about doing some videos of me drawing various things… I can do that and nobody has to see me (a thing which will make everyone happy!) πŸ™‚ I’ve also thought of trying my hand at some more complex animation with audio, which also would need to be in video form. I’ve long had a YouTube channel that I’ve literally done nothing with. Good luck to you in the new branch. I’ll take a look later tonight when I have more time to sit and watch it all at once.

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  2. So pleased with this. Every blog becomes better in video form, and this also bypassed a lot of mistakes that a lot of people make with online video blogging – they tend to have an unappealing background, and low quality video or audio. But this works, and it’s a good length. The chemistry’s believable, too (because why wouldn’t it be?) – you both bring something different, but still just as valid. Plus, the setting feels like a studio while also being domestic at the same time, so it didn’t feel like a first episode, because of the way everything was considered beforehand. I might save these for the mornings, so it’s like a breakfast time magazine show. Don’t just keep doing these, make this format the main feature of this blog.

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