Editing 360° Video is Hard, But It Could Yield Interesting Storytelling Opportunities

We’ve posted a number of 360° adventure videos on our YouTube Channel, but one thing we’ve struggled with is audience retention and interaction on them. The primary reason for that is that they require audience participation beyond the norm set by your average YouTube experience. Being that the user has full control over 360° of potential viewpoints, being able to drag and pivot the screen according to one’s desire, it tends to become an exhausting experience.

The natural answer to combatting boredom is capturing interesting content.

But what if we could capture all corners, remove the exhausting experience of your average 360° VR experience, and direct what the viewer sees. It could potentially yield some incredible viewpoints, and change the game for lifestyle vloggers.

We tried it, and while it was difficult to offset the center of the image, we think it really changes the narrative of creativity.

This isn’t an ad, BUT, I want to know what you’d do with a 360 camera.

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