Hey You! Join our Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club! Or don’t, it’s totally up to you.

As many of you may know (and by “many of you” we mean those who’ve discovered our migratory journey over to YouTube), we’ve recently announced a book club where we revisit and visit anew some of Sci-Fi and Fantasy’s classic-est(?) best works! Yep! If you’re not as excited as we are, than this is definitely not a post you should continue reading!

But anywho, let’s get into what this is all about, and why it might be beneficial for you to join. Over on our YouTube channel, we’ve noticed many likeminded individuals enjoy books, at least enough to talk about them publicly. And we love (and miss) the time we used to devote to reviewing and discussing book news here. So why not combine the two loves (the second being our new channel) into an interactive experience. And we want to start with a book that means a lot to both of us. The very first book we reviewed on this channel, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss, will also be the very first pick of the book club. And said book club starts May 1st, so go order that now if you’re interested.

Or get 2 free books with a 30-day free trial, and use one of those credits on The Name of the Wind.

Besides the cost of the books/audiobooks/ebooks on your end, the book club is totally free, and we hope you can join us as we dissect this and other awesome science fiction and fantasy books going forward month after month. There’s not much to do on your end if you don’t want to. We’ll simply send a newsletter out to anyone interested. If you would like to talk about a certain something, the comments section will serve as a forum of the chapters discussed each week. You also have the opportunity to send us 30-second or less audio or video clips that we can incorporate in our YouTube discussion videos.

Please let us know if you’re interested, and the best way for you to do that is to join our newsletter. Send us an email at geekritiquer@gmail.com with “Book Club” in the subject line.

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3 thoughts on “Hey You! Join our Sci-Fi/Fantasy Book Club! Or don’t, it’s totally up to you.

  1. This filled-in a lot of information for me. I didn’t know it would be chapter-based, I thought we’d be doing a book per month. But I prefer it your way. It’s a big book, which I’ve already started reading.


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