Dragon Ball Super: Episode 2 (EPISODE REVIEW)

Watch Episode 2 – “Onward to the Promised Resort! Vegeta Goes on a Family Trip?!
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While still in its expositionary stages, Dragon Ball Super gets a bit better in its second episode. This time focusing almost solely on Vegeta and his family, it allows us to see what the rest of the cast are up to. Vegeta is a jerk, there’s no doubt about that. He’s a terrible person to his very core. But while he’s mmoody in the extreme and aggressive at the best of times, he does care for his family, that being his wife Bulma and his son Trunks. We get an exceptionally special moment, a self-referential payoff, when we discover that the reason Vegeta is on a family trip is because he promised Trunks that he would get the chance if he were able to land a punch on him. Although by no means a good father, he allows himself the humiliation of going on a trip like that to humor his son.

All the while, we see the inner turmoil of his character, which has driven him since day one. His inability to be training, as he is sure his rival and friend Goku is doing, is driving him nuts. Although he admits to being bested, he has an inherent need to be number one; the most powerful in the universe. His inferiority complex is both depressing and lovable, and seeing him unchanged after all these years off the air is nice. And it is rightly hilarious seeing him do normal things like shop and eat ice cream.

Goku on the other hand is off training on Master Kai’s small planet, showing up unexpectedly to train. This is very typical Goku. Training is all he knows, and to him it’s a priority in life – even when it comes to raising a family. Although not a jerk in the least sense, Goku is still not a super great parent or spouse. He seems to be the other end of the extreme. If Dragon Ball Super has taught me anything so far, it’s not to use them as my familial role models. Little does Goku realize, his continued training (despite being a period of perceived quiet) will come in handy, and soon.

Beerus, the recently awakened god, is continuing his terror across the galaxy, destroying planet after planet. I really enjoyed his encounter with a primitive race, and that world’s strongest character (who had his own transformative super-ability) which was very cool. Still. Beerus seems unfairly strong, able to destroy worlds at a whim. Interestingly he’s in search of the Super Saiyan God, whom he’s seen in a vision. This person is said to be the only one who could give him a run for his money. We only get to see a glowing silhouette of this character, but it’s undoubtedly Goku. I’m excited to see that exchange happen, and I hope it happens soon.

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